URExSRN Data Submission for Visualization

The intent of this document is to serve as a guide for sharing healthy and catalogued data for UREx visualization.

Format Requirements

Please note: All the data listed here should be spatial(either raster or vector formats)

  • Preferred Format : Vector _ESRI _ShapeFile or GeoJSON
  • Acceptable Format: Raster GeoTiff
Data Notes
Spatial extent When possible, the layers will be provided with the same spatial extent
Coordinates System WGS 84: EPSG Projection.
Spatial data type Vector (ESRI ShapeFile/ GeoJSON) or Raster Note:Only vector data can be interactive (Example: clicking and hover-over tooltips. Real time filtering, and Boolean operations with other vector layers etc.) Raster layers must be first vectorized in order to support vector like interactions.
Metadata Please provide the data with the official UREx metadata set catalogue, as each city currently has under the URExGoogle Drive/Data Repository. Be sure to specify the dataset's source, year, units and information if it was derived from elsewhere. For Raster, kindly provide the data range, labels and color band information.

Spatial Data

DATA Notes
3D Buildings Data The default source for building footprints and the associated extrusion heights is derived from OpenStreetMap (OSM). If the OSM data is incomplete, an alternate source should be provided.Required Format: Vector
Floods zones From FEMA, and/or other official source.
Inundation maps From NOAA and/or other official source.
Heat maps (If available) from any official source
Green cover As available for each city (green areas, parks and gardens, green roofs, trees, etc.) Lidar data filtered for Green Cover is also acceptable. In such case, the points should be converted to polygons containing the height information
Districts Administrative divisions of the districts or boroughs of the city.Required Format: Vector
Parcels Data(If available) Containing also parcel use (i.e. commercial, residential, etc.) information. Please provide this data for different years (at least 2 years)Required Format: Vector

Other Relevant Datasets

  • Census Data (NOT Required. Provided by Modelling Team)
  • Rivers and water bodies map (Default Provider: OSM)
  • Wetlands/marshlands maps (if applicable)
  • Lithology/Soils mapoProtected areas mapoRoads map (Default Provider: OSM)
  • Railway/Subway/Waterway Maps
  • Traffic Maps
  • Municipal Infrastructure – Power Grid, Sewer Management, Water Pipeline, Telecommunication towers etc.
  • Air Quality Maps
  • Ports/Airports/Major transportation hubs (Default Provider: OSM)
  • Points of reference for a given city (e.g. coastline, transportation hubs, etc.)
  • Planned areas for specific actionable interventions (e.g. industrial, reforestation, etc.)

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